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What can one do in Palinuro ?

What to do
in Palinuro

What can I do
in Palinuro ?


Cilento, Capo Palinuro

The Palinuro Beach
(and no Leonardo Di Caprio in sight)
The first thing one usually does at the seaside is go to the beach.

And what beaches you will find around Palinuro.
See the 'beaches' section in the main menu

The Cilento Cousine

What might you want to do after a great day at the beach?
How about some of the best food in the world ?

Cilento is the sub-region inside which Palinuro is located and the Cilentan cousine is probably one of the most genuine, home made, non factory processed great tasting cousines in the world.

Real olive oil and not your usual rancid restaurant rubbish.
Fresh fish, locally cured olives, ham, salami, pepperoni sasuage - all locally made to mention just a few.



If reading a book at the beach and eating your way to paradise is not enough, then in Palinuro and the surrounding area you will find most plausible sports on offer.
Horse riding, wind surfing, tennis, mountain biking, rambling, roller skating / blading, sailing, diving, cycling.


Meet the people

The south of Italy is probably the friendliest place on earth especially towards foreigners.
(and saying this is someone who has lived all over the world including many yars near Palinuro and as a foreigner there I have nowhere been as well accepted and welcome as in Cilento)

Sure, they have their ways and customs but rarely will you encounter such friendly people who will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and at home.

We're not talking about your hotel manager or the diving instructor - they're nice by default, but we mean the real people.
Go to a local market and you'll end up chatting with someone.
Go to any village bar and become part of the local crowd in minutes.
Go and buy some cheese and salami at a small village grocery store twice and the third time you go there you'll feel as if you've been going there all your life.


Fish with the local Fishermen
Palinuro, Marina di Camerota and Pisciotta Marina all have small fishing harbours and a lot of the locals make a living from fishing.
If you go to one of these harbours and ask around, you'll find some fisherman happy to take you out on a nights sea fishing.
Don't worry - these trips are done when the sea is as calm as a mirror and with some good local food and wine - this late night fishing trip might be the best experience you've had in a long time.


Visit the Palinuro sea caves
The Cape of Palinuro - the actual hand of land sticking out into the sea - has many caves dotted around it which can be reached only by boat.

These are amazing and beautiful and the trip can take from an hour to as long as you desire.
You can organize such a trip from the Palinuro harbour.


Move around and see the rest
There are various villages and places in a diameter of about 10 km around Palinuro which are a must to visit.
Marina di Camerota, Camerota, Centola, Marina di Pisciotta, San Severino di Centola, Rocca Gloriosa, Pisciotta.

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